We're sponsored!!




We’ve done it! We’ve secured out first corporate sponsorship. A fantastic milestone for the team and the first sign that things are truly underway.
But who are these sponsors I hear you ask? What mighty company has been kind enough to join our noble cause and give generously to help us make it to Mongolia???
The answer is X-1R, a Malaysian based performance products company who are already involved with a few Asian based races.
The good people over at X-1R have not only offered us a generous donation towards our cause, they have also offered to kit us out with a bunch of their product too! From fuel additives and high performance engine oil to engine treatments and fuel testers.
Needless to say we’re over the moon about the whole thing and cannot thank them enough for getting on board. Not only have they made a major difference to the people we are trying to help, they have also made a massive difference to us and our efforts.
We salute you X-1R, and hope that our fans and followers will too...
You can visit the company at: X1R.COM