Finalising the route



As you may or may not be aware, the Mongol rally has what they call an ‘unroute’. Which is basically their fancy way of saying that you can take any route you want, oh and that they will not be offering support along the way should you have a mishap.
Add to this the fact that several of the countries we will be going through require you to have at least one hotel booking for your time in the country and it became clear that we needed to spend a bit more time pegging down our route.
That being the way things are we called a team meeting and went about setting a specific route for our 10,000 mile journey.
We have now completed this, and the new, more specific route is now live on the website, so go over and have a look let us know if we’ve missed anything amazing out! We haven’t been to most of the countries along the way before so any local knowledge would be greatly appreciated!!