What kind of car do you take to Mongolia?

When preparing for an across the world rally, large vehicles such as Land Rovers and Hummers generally spring to mind. At least in a perfect world, in real life you may have to resign yourself to the use of more affordable 4x4’s and jeeps. Perhaps a Mitsubishi shogun or something like that?

Anyone who has been following the rally progress so far though, will inform you that unfortunately you cannot even stretch that far. The whole thing is to be done in tiny motors with engines no bigger than 1.2l…

OK so drivability goes out the window, what’s next, reliability? Storage space? Comfort?

These are all questions we will be asking ourselves over the coming months as we make our preparations for the rally.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any suggestions for what car we should be taking with us? If so why not let us know, post on our facebook page, or tweet with the hashtag #thunderyaks to get in touch!

The only rules are that it be newer than 2005 and under 1.2l engine size.

In the meantime here are some previous contestant’s vehicles to get you thinking: